Balancing state-of-the-art technologies and methods with in-depth experience, our highly trained staff achieves your design objectives by applying the simplest, most cost effective combination of technologies. Our relentless focus is on compliance with your performance specification and cost target.


Our resources, systems and staff are organized for efficient execution of quality engineering and manufacturing.  This commitment allows us to achieve a complete design cycle in concert with customer technical, cost and schedule needs. Whether a one-of-a kind radio or adaptation modification to meet a unique need,   our close customer collaboration assures a solution that hits the target every time.


Softronics’ skilled technical staff coordinates and communicates with the customer throughout the engineering process to assure the final product will meet or exceed specifications. Our high quality manufacturing processes assure that you will experience failure-free operation.  And comprehensive after sale support is there when you need it, be it spare parts, repairs, or technical support, keeping your products operating like new.

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