Commercial Electronics

Softronics leverages their wide-ranging military experience to design and manufacture custom electronic assemblies for a variety of commercial customers and applications. Our high-reliability design methodology and in-house knowledge of exotic material design techniques sets us apart in the field of custom electronics. A design-to-target cost mindset keeps projects in-line with customer goals. Talk to our product development team to learn how custom controllers, object sensors or other electronic assembly components can bring new life to your equipment.


Cellular Antenna Controllers

Softronics designs and produces a variety of AISG serial controllers and control modules for 3G, 4G and 5G technologies, such as variable tilt antennas used in the cellular base station market. This suite of products includes numerous variations. We have manufactured more than 75,000 of these control units.


Machine Sensors

There are many applications for infrared optical object sensors. From packaging fill automation to cell phone detection devices, Softronics designs sensors in a variety of shapes and sizes to embed into customer equipment. Production teams at Softronics have manufactured several thousand sensors, all with custom functions.

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