Miniature Handheld Electronics and Sensors

Softronics has designed a suite of miniature signal detection and generation products. Energy detectors are generally banded radiometers spanning 30 to 3000 MHz with precision logarithmic power detectors. Signal generators are handheld, full-performance RF signal generators which can be enhanced with several variations.


SD100 Single Channel Energy Detectors

The Softronics SD100 (previously known as Canary) is the smallest energy detector made by Softronics. It runs on a single AA battery and fits easily in a pocket or on a lanyard. The unit continuously monitors a selected (factory-set) band. When an RF signal in that band is present and exceeds a user-set threshold, the detector will illuminate an LED and vibrate. The user can optionally listen to the signal envelope with an earphone.

SD100 Data Sheet (pdf)


Aardvark Multichannel Energy Detectors

Aardvark energy detectors by Softronics provide multichannel computer scanning for 16 bands. (A 24-band model is also available.) Features inclue an LCD graphic signal display, a keypad for operator entry, and variable thresholds and alarm actions.

The Aardvark can log to a microSD card, and can accept GPS input words for logging location as well as signal power and band. It has USB and serial interfaces. The unit can also accommodate an internal standard RFM (Radio Frequency Module) plug-in wireless remote for reporting and control. The rugged metal case features a flip open cover with a directional log periodic antenna inside. It operates from two AA batteries, external wide range DC power, or optional battery trays.


Arf Multichannel Energy Detector

Arf is a smaller, specialized version of the Softronics Aardvark Energy Detector. The unit scans 10 channels, can accept an external user filter, and has an onboard 64Mbit magnetic memory for logging. It accepts a GPS and wide-range external DC power. Arf does not have LCD or keypad interface, but is intended for remote control (via USB) or autonomous preprogrammed operation.

Arf Data Sheet (pdf)


SG-3000 Signal Generator

The Softronics SG-3000 is a full-function signal generator suitable for field test and calibration applications. It spans 30-3000 MHz in 1 KHz increments, with selectable AM, FM, or noise modulation. Amplitude is calibrated in 1 dB steps, from -117 dBm to +10 dBm. The unit is packaged in the same rugged metal case as the Aardvark, with flip open cover, LCD, keypad, and optional log periodic antenna for use as a beacon or test source. It operates on a 9v battery, external DC power, or optional battery trays.

SG-3000 Data Sheet (pdf)

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