Military Electronics

Radio communication products are the primary focus of the Softronics military electronics line. Our military team has extensive knowledge of exotic design techniques and materials for high reliability over a wide environmental range. Some of our most successful products are direct replacements for older radios (30+ years old) which customers wish to keep “just like it is.” While the look and performance may be identical to the older unit, the “insides” have been redesigned with enhanced modern electronics and increased functionality.


S171 Radios

The Softronics S171 Radio is a form-fit-function (FFF) replacement for the legacy ARC-171-1H. The S171 is a full-duplex UHF receiver-transmitter with 100 watts of linear power.It has a high dynamic range receiver with tracking preselector and postselector filters for interference-free cosite performance. AC, DC, and AC/DC powered versions are available.

S171-ADW Full Duplex UHF Receiver-Transmitter Data Sheet (pdf)

S171-ADN Simplex UHF Receiver-Transmitter Data Sheet (pdf)


GRC-171 Replacements

Softronics designed this replacement for the legendary GRC-171 with directly compatible performance and features, plus augmented frequency coverage and full duplex operation.


Sonobuoy Radio Simulators

Designed for the U.S. Navy, this Softronics-designed simulator generates standard analog and digital buoy modulated signals when driven by a suitable analog or digital baseband stimulator. It features sixteen transmitters driving a single antenna with virtually no intermodulation products. A full system uses 64 channels simultaneously. Several custom variations of the system are available.

SRS-16 Sonobuoy Radio Simulator Data Sheet (pdf)


Custom Specialty Electronics

Need a specialty electronic or radio that just doesn’t exist anywhere else? Softronics is able to design and build one-of-a-kind projects to meet customer needs.

Softronics designed and built this 6000-watt UHF Transmitter, tuned to a specific frequency, for factory testing of military products.

When a customer’s legacy Control Head began having an unacceptable failure rate, Softronics analyzed the problem and redesigned the power supply module. The result was an interchangeable module and a drop to zero failures of the control.

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