Phoenix High Frequency Products

Military and civil government customer around the world look to Softronics for expertise in High Frequency (HF) products. Our HF team on engineers has modernized and enhanced older products to provide higher performance and lower power than prior generation products.


Phoenix Power Amplifiers

Phoenix Power Amplifiers (PA) are compact, rack mounted communications components for high-frequency networks. Designed and manufactured by Softronics, Phoenix PAs can be supplied in 1kW, 4kW or 10kW models.

Phoenix PAs feature third order intermodulation distortion of -40 dBc typical at rated power, -36 dBc maximum at 100% duty cycle. They are designed especially for use with wideband multitone waveforms requiring high linearity, such as MIL-STD-188-110D. They can be driven by a 0.1w power level or 10-watt nominal. Remote control and ALC (automatic level control) are compatible/programmable for use with most driving RF (radio frequency) sources. Space saving, solid-state design contains both the amplifier and power supply and operates from strappable 1- or 3-phase 50/60 Hz power with internal blowers. This conveniently occupies only 5U of 19” rack space.


Phoenix 2022 Pre/Post Selector

The Phoenix 2022 Pre/Post Selector (PPS) is an HF tracking filter designed for use with both transmitters and receivers in rack-mounted communications systems.

Each filter module of the Phoenix 2022 contains two electronically tuned filter poles. Typically, two modules are cascaded for high performance selectivity although a single two-pole module can be used in less severe environments. The standard eight-channel 3U EIA rack chassis can be configured with up to eight filter modules of any band combinations and cascades, including automatic switching.

When installed ahead of a receiver, the PPS significantly attenuates strong out-of-band signals from nearby transmitters to prevent receiver overload that degrades reception. The PPS can withstand up to 25 watts input power without damage. When inserted in-line with the low-level drive within a transmitter (up to 26 dbm), the tracking filter significantly attenuates out of band broadband noise and spurious signals to protect adjacent receivers from degradation. The modular tracking filters are tunable from several different serial input ports in 10 KHz BCD (Binary-Coded Decimal) increments. The filters tune in 1 millisecond (typ) and may be operated continuously in ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) scan mode without the relay wear-out. This wear-out is typical in units where the pre-selector must be disabled during ALE scan. The Phoenix PPS is compatible with 50 KHz wideband signals.


Phoenix 2023 Line Flattener

The Phoenix 2023 HF line flattener provides a low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) impedance match between transmitters and 50-ohm wideband antennas. Recognizing that modern amplifiers automatically reduce their power output when the VSWR at the amplifier is 1.5:1 or greater, the Phoenix 2023 will transform up to a 4:1 min (5:1 typ) VSWR to 1.5:1 or less. This allows the amplifier to deliver ALL of its rated output power into the antenna.

The line flattener is compatible with wideband waveforms, with an operating bandwidth limited by the antenna bandwidth. It will operate up to 5000 watts transmitter power. The 19” EIA rack chassis is designed to be mounted indoors near the transmitter.

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