Design Expertise

The Softronics Ltd. team provides a wide range of experience and design capabilities. But don’t feel limited by this list of identified strengths. Nothing is more endearing to us than to find the solution to a unique problem or to work on a distinctive project.

High Frequency Radio Design
  • Receivers, transmitters, modems, synthesizers, amplifiers, distribution systems
  • Propagation coverage and analysis
  • Antenna selection and design
  • Cosite interference analysis and mitigation
High Speed Digital Design
  • Special purpose digital circuits and equipment
  • Computer controllers for custom applications
  • PIC to DSP to Intel target processors
  • FPGA design (using VHDL)
Software Design
  • Windows™, Linux, RTOS, Android
  • C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Python
  • Digital signal processing software/firmware (processor, FPGA-based)
Mechanical Design
  • Military packaging (aircraft, vehicle, ship, ground, handheld)
  • Commercial-styled packaging
  • General structural design
  • 3D printing of plastic solids
  • Casting and molding of plastic, metal parts for high volume
  • Machined parts of all types, materials
  • Stress analysis where required
  • Thermal analysis and cooling design
Computer Aided Design Resources
  • Solidworks (mechanical), Eagle (printed circuit), Matlab (system, circuit analysis)
  • Variety of compilers for target processors
  • In-house designed tailorable Software Defined Radio (SDR) core
Manufacturing  Capabilities
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified processes
  • Diverse supply chain with ISO certifications
  • Build history of quantity 1 to >75,000 units
  • Printed circuit, hand assembly, molding, casting, machining
  • Manual or automated test (quantity dependent)
Business  System Capabilities
  • DCAA-audited government job cost accounting system, (QUICKBOOKS based)
  • Comprehensive security credentials and facilities (contact us)


Consulting Services

Softronics Ltd. has considerable experience in all phases of product development – from concept to proposal, execution to manufacturing, and even aftersale support.

Business Development Assistance
  • Proposals, market research, independent reviews, business plans
  • “Red team” reviews (independent in-process review of proposal)
  • “Blue team” proposal generation (independent proposal postulating what strategy a competitor would bid against you)
  • Advice specifics for those wishing to do business in the Government sector
  • Independent “second opinion” review of business strategies and plans
Product Development Assistance
  • Sit in on in-process design reviews and offer independent “second opinion”
  • Provide independent review of final design and documentation
Engineering Troubleshooting 
  • Resolve lab, factory or field problems
  • Identify customer product problems anywhere in the product cycle
  • Recommend or design of  necessary modifications
  • Explain needed documentation or processes
Customer installations
  • Install customer equipment at end-user destinations worldwide
  • Provide after-sale service



“Put our expert technical resources to work on your business problems. The highest confidentiality is always assured.”

Robert Sternowski
President, Softronics Ltd.

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